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Descendant [CD]

Jann Arden will release her 15th studio album, Descendant.

 Produced by Bob Rock, Russell Broom and Jann Arden, Descendant arrives as a 15-song collection representing the last 18 months of Arden’s life and headspace. A bold, beautiful, and empowering sound of Jann Arden, Descendant signifies a return to form for the multifaceted artist, reflecting on where she came from and where she is headed. The album is preceded today with the release of the heartfelt song “Steady On.” See below for the full tracklisting and purchase the gatefold CD package including booklet now.


Descendant Tracklisting:

  1. Unbreakable
  2. I Belong To Nobody
  3. Descendant
  4. Was I Ever 13
  5. Steady On
  6. Moonbow
  7. Loving You Is like A Job
  8. Love Will Be Waiting
  9. Good For Nothing
  10. Coming Back To You
  11. Horse Country Girl
  12. Hindsight
  13. Pink
  14. In A Moment
  15. Glass Jar

 Produced by Bob Rock, Russell Broom and Jann Arden